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Defeating Goliath: Aligning finances with your faith

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That's right, I finally get to share some of the exciting things I've been working on with clients for over a decade now. Hi everyone, it's Dave Georgiev and I've been nudged (too many times) to start blogging about how I do things differently. This is a forum for me to showcase planning from a faith-based perspective. The great news I have to share is that it’s not about what I’ve done or what I do, but what He did at the Cross of Calvary and what He does in and through us when we allow Him into our lives. Of course, I am talking about Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


Now I have to start with some disclosures here. I have been in the finance world for about twenty years, so I am blessed to know a thing or two about finance. But I am NO expert on the bible or on “Professional Christianity”. As my pastor puts it so simply, “I’m just a beggar telling other beggars where to find bread”! So I appreciate in advance, a whole lot of grace as we dive into some complex topics over time.


My goal in this blog and my career is to help others financially through the lens of Christ-following believers. What things are wise, and what things are expedient? The world has changed dramatically over the last 2000 years since Jesus was on this earth yet the issues and problems are relatively the same. Kind of crazy that after 2,000 years we still struggle over the same sins. Go back to the OT (Old Testament) and you see the same problems and sins that have plagued humanity since we were formed in the days of Adam and Eve. But The Lord had a plan from the beginning, through His Son. 

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Defeating Goliath: Aligning Finances with Your Faith!

That's the brand I felt called to name this blog, but what does that even mean to those who might not know? Let's face it, finances can be stressful. The bills pile up, the markets fluctuate, and sometimes it feels like there's just never enough. But what if managing your money could be an act of faith? What if every decision you make, from budgeting to investing, could be a reflection of your values and a way to honor God?

That's exactly what Aligning Finances with Your Faith is all about! ⛪️ We'll be diving deep into comprehensive financial planning and wealth management, but with a unique twist: a focus on faith-based philosophy, biblical principles, and ethical decision-making. If that sounds reassuring and interesting then this is for you! 🙌

Here's a sneak peek at what you can expect:

  • Budgeting tips that align with your values: Ditch the guilt and shame, and learn how to manage your money in a way that reflects your generosity and gratitude. I think you'll be surprised as to how natural this can be if you're faith-driven.

  • Investment strategies guided by faith: Explore ethical investing options, learn how to avoid predatory practices, and make your money work for good. It used to be that Christian-based investment options were a lot of hoopla and hype. They came with heavy fees and big promises, but lackluster performance. Those days have changed quite a bit.

  • Retirement planning with a heavenly perspective: Prepare for the future with confidence, knowing that your financial security is part of God's bigger plan. Sounds familiar right? You know it in heart, but haven't quite felt confident in it, and making money with investments doesn't always feel good when it doesn't follow a Christian back philosophy.

  • Debt management with grace and understanding: Break free from the chains of financial struggle, and find forgiveness and hope in God's word. Yes, this too can be done.

  • And so much more to think, write, and preach about! My goal is to bring awareness and instill confidence that you too can do this.

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This blog is more than just numbers and spreadsheets. It's a community for anyone who wants to honor God with their finances, experience true financial peace, and leave a lasting legacy.

So, whether you're a seasoned financial pro or just starting your money journey, join me on this adventure! Let's learn, grow, and build a stronger relationship with God together, one wise decision at a time.

Be sure to like, share, and subscribe to my blog so you can see every post I write. I can't wait to welcome you to the More Than Money family!

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Thank you. I'm looking forward to your blog on planning from a faith-based perspective.

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