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Preferred Partner Connections

Our listing of preferred partners includes several professionals who deliver an excellent level of customer service, professionalism, and experience our clients are seeking.  We have a working relationship with all of the following industry professionals.  Often, our clients will inquire about assistance with an estate plan, tax guidance and even selling their home and downsizing to something more conducive to their current situation.  Whatever need our client presents, we'd like to provide some options for them to narrow their search.  Our positive experience working with members on this list has been significant enough for their recognition.   Please reference the following list of our trusted Preferred Partners.

* Services from the companies listed on this page are separate from and are not affiliated with

or endorsed by LPL Financial *




Brenda Foster, Medicaire Specialist

Brenda Foster

The Medicare Marketplace

Jennifer Germain

Jennifer A Germain

Mark Ziemba II

Mark R Ziemba II

Thoughtful Insurance

Real Estate

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