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Healthcare is a pretty big deal

Choose wisely or pay the price

If you're retired, nearing retirement, or dreaming about hanging up your hat, you should be thinking about your health and the choices you'll have to make once it's all over. We're not talking about the choice between the glazed donut or that ripe, healthy apple on the daily - we mean your healthcare options.

Familiar with it or not we're at the tail end of what we refer to as "open enrollment". This is the time when you make your elections on what type of coverage you want based on your needs, some forecasting on health expenses, and a little bit of luck. Let's hope you have someone you trust to help guide you through the process and get you on track. If you're like many, you have no idea where to turn and typically make choices you could regret long term. Avoid that and get in touch with Brenda now! You can't go wrong with a person who is more caring and keeps an open line of communication all the way through. Click HERE to access our "PREFERRED PARTNERS PAGE" which is where you'll find her info or simply look below...

129 S. Union Street, Suite F Spencerport NY, 14459 Office: 585-729-1901

And that's only the beginning...Reach out and schedule a consultation to discuss your situation. We'll walk you through your options and help you make the right choice for your goals.

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