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Our Process

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3. Implementation

What good is a plan without action? You'll see the results of our planning take life and begin the path that takes time and effort along the way. Our investment philosophy is not stagnant or permanent and will adapt to the changes made in your planning. The investment selection and due diligence process are part of an internal proprietary process.

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4. Management

Ongoing investment rebalancing, analysis, oversight, tax-loss harvesting, and other portfolio changes happen along the way. Investment changes are handled by the advisor so no client has to take action on trading, rebalancing, or stock sales.  

Business Meeting

1. Initial Consultation

This is the first step in our process and builds the foundation for expectation and goal setting. The initial consultation with one of our advisors helps us get to the heart of your goals today, tomorrow, and in retirement. You'll have the opportunity to discover how our team can develop a plan for you and guide you through every step of the way.

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2. Blueprint

Planning is an important step in the process. It's here that we'll focus on the goals we've uncovered and lay out a path of how we'll work towards those goals. Like our lives, plans and goals change as things happen. You'll have access to the planning we've done and be able to view updates in real time. 

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