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Take Advantage of the Warm Weather this Week

Jump in the leaves this week

Best Places to Visit in Rochester New York to See the Fall Foliage Rochester, New York is a beautiful city to visit year-round, but it is especially stunning in the fall. The city is home to a variety of trees, including maples, oaks, and hickories, which turn brilliant shades of red, orange, and yellow in the autumn. Here are some of the best places to visit in Rochester to see the fall foliage:

Letchworth State Park: Letchworth State Park is one of the most popular places to see the fall foliage in New York. The park is home to three waterfalls, as well as miles of hiking trails and scenic viewpoints.

Genesee Valley Park: Genesee Valley Park is a beautiful park located in the heart of Rochester. The park is home to a variety of trees, as well as a lake, a river, and several waterfalls.

Highland Park: Highland Park is another beautiful park located in Rochester. The park is home to a variety of trees, as well as a reservoir, a golf course, and several playgrounds.

Mount Hope Cemetery: Mount Hope Cemetery is the final resting place of many famous people, including Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass. The cemetery is also a beautiful place to see the fall foliage.

Durand Eastman Park: Durand Eastman Park is a beautiful park located on the outskirts of Rochester. The park is home to a variety of trees, as well as a lake, a golf course, and several hiking trails.

In addition to these parks, there are many other places to see the fall foliage in Rochester. You can drive along the Genesee River, visit one of the city's many parks, or simply take a walk around your neighborhood.

Here are some additional tips for seeing the fall foliage in Rochester:

  • Check the fall foliage forecast. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation publishes a weekly fall foliage forecast. This forecast can help you plan your trips and find the best places to see the fall foliage.

  • Go early in the morning or late in the afternoon. The light is best early in the morning and late in the afternoon, so try to go during these times of the day to get the best views of the fall foliage.

  • Be prepared for crowds. The fall foliage is a popular time to visit Rochester, so be prepared for crowds. If you are planning on visiting a popular park, be sure to arrive early to find a parking spot.

  • Enjoy the experience! Seeing the fall foliage is a beautiful experience. Be sure to take your time and enjoy the scenery.

I hope this information is helpful. Have a great time seeing the fall foliage in Rochester and enjoy this amazing weather!

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