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Another manic Monday

I hate to be the bearer of bad news to start the week, but this is not your average Monday for things that will leave you feeling a little less than comfortable. For starters, the Peloton brand is finding itself in some hot water after another child is injured by its equipment. Apparently like anything if used by a minor or unsupervised adult, injuries can happen. Let's face it we've all witnessed adults using equipment wrong in the gym so just imagine how a child might want to play on this stuff. At any rate, the stock is suffering from the latest news as it appears they have some things to change or possibly have better ways to alert their owners that this is equipment that can result in serious injury. At any rate, continue using your equipment safely, and let's hope the fitness maker and others can prevent future injuries. More info can be found HERE.

How about your car driving on autopilot or auto-assisted driving? Do you feel comfortable riding along your commute to or from work with a computer getting you there? Tesla has been ahead of the auto industry for some time now and they claim their assisted driving programming is safer than you behind the wheel. The statics have shown it to be safer versus humans driving, but there lies some questions to be considered about the algorithm and ethics put into the programming when making split-second decisions on the road. The latest news shows that the Tesla crash leaving two dead over the weekend was at the hands of the assisted driving feature in the car. This too is leaving some damage on the stock and raising some eyebrows about what happened and how comfortable we should be allowing programming to take over the wheel. More info about the crash can be found HERE.

Another blurb about an internet hack that leaves us more than vulnerable surfing the online web - Facebook and another company called Ubiquiti have been hacked and your data is online for everyone to see. Like other hacks, the best you can do is log in, change your password, enable 2-form authentication if the app or website allows it. It also brings about more questions about how responsible these companies are for our private data. I'm not sure about you, but I don't want everyone around to have access to my cell phone, etc. Take a look for more information on the FACEBOOK BREACH as well as the UBIQUITY BREACH for more details.

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